Centurion Scientific K2015 Small Prime Centrifuge

Centurion Scientific


The PrO-Research range of centrifuges are specifically designed for Research, Universities and pharmaceutical use. W2t is standard to all and is a method more often found in Ultra centrifuges.

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Centurion Scientific K2015 Small Prime Centrifuge comes with a bright blue LED display or a large LCD display with touch screen control.

The K2015 Small Prime Centrifuge also include a extra thick stainless-steel bowl. The frame is made of alloy and steel, coated with zinc. It comes with a world leading industrial inverter, and offers the best quality European brushless motor.

Some of the key features of the K2015 Small Prime Centrifuge include:
» Rotor Recognition
» 108 Memory Program
» 10 Acceleration & Deceleration rates
» Sound < 60Db (rotor dependent)
» W2t program (plots time, acceleration and deceleration rpm
» Speed max: 5000-5,000 Rpm (10 Rpm steps)

The Centurion Scientific K2015 Small Prime Centrifuge comes with added safety features such as:
» Multi point locking lid
» Emergency lid release
» Lid spring strut
» Lid lock detection
» Imbalance detection
» Over speed sensor
» Set inverter values
» Barrier ring
» Motor overheat sensor

All Centurion Scientific Centrifuges come with a 3 year warranty on parts, and a 5 year warranty on the motor. The centrifuges are CE marked and compliant.
» ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 13485 Quality Certified

Rotors, Reducers and Accessories available

Microtube Rotors
» BRK5424
» BRK5436
» BRK5448
» BRK5494
» RS04
» RS05
» RM05 (5ml)
» RM10 (10ml)
» RM15 (15ml)
» RM25 (25ml)
» RL10 (10ml)
» RL25 (25ml)
» RL50 (50ml)
» RL85 (85ml)
Haematocrit Rotors
» BRK5401
Large Fixed Angle Rotors
» BRK5324
» BRK5308
» BRK5100
Swing out rotor (incl buckets)
» BRK1010
» BRK5508M
» B5010
» B5419 Sealed lids
Cytology Rotor
» 4420
» 4430
» 4460
Cytology Rotor Accessories
» 4446 Double Sample holder with card
» 4444 Single Sample holder with card (up to 1ml)
» 4600 Double Sample holder with card (up to 6ml)
» 4462 Stainless Steel clips
Microtitor plate
» BRK5540

Additional information


K2015 230V 50/60Hz, 1.K2015 110V 60Hz


500-15,000 Rpm (1 Rpm steps)

Rcf Max

22,000 G


0-99 Mins & Hold (30 sec steps)

Dims HWD

275 x 325 x 470mm


21.8 Kg (without rotor)


160 Watts


108 programs

Acceleration Rates

10 programs

Deceleration Rates

10 programs



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