Simplifying real-time blood testing
for everyone, anywhere.

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We have introduced HemoScreen to the South African market – the 1st portable 5-part differential POC Haematology Analyzer ‘HemoScreen’ – it is also 1st FDA cleared 5-part diff CBC Analyzer for POC testing in the world.



  • The HemoScreen™ analyzer makes blood testing exceptionally simple, using a disposable
    cartridge that includes all necessary reagents and requires no maintenance or calibration.
  • The HemoScreen™ analyzer shortens turnaround time significantly by providing CBC results within 5 minutes,
    anywhere, anytime, enabling health care professionals to make immediate treatment decisions.
  • HemoScreen™ measures 20 standard CBC parameters, including 5-part leukocyte differential,
    with the accuracy and precision of the most advanced central lab analyzers. Its performance has been validated in multiple scientific peer-reviewed studies*.The analyzer is FDA-cleared and CE-marked for both venous and capillary blood samples. HemoScreen™ also offers a comprehensive flagging panel for the presence of WBC, RBC, and PLT distributional and morphological abnormalities
  • HemoScreen™ has been specifically designed to withstand the demanding point-of-care environment and maintain performance no matter the operator’s experience level. Manufactured according to the highest quality standards, HemoScreen™ uses the most durable components. No maintenance and minimum downtime is guaranteed due to the analyzer’s liquid-free design, as liquid reagents and blood samples reside in the cartridge throughout the process and can not possibly come into contact with the analyzer’s internals.