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Cytology Rotor accessories are designed to fit the Centurion Scientific Cytology Rotors

4446 Double sample holder with card (up to 1ml) Pack of 24
4444 Single Sample holder with card (up to 1ml) Pack of 24
4600 Double sample holder with card (up to 6ml) Pack of 24
4462 Stainless steel clips Single

Applications for Cytology Rotors include Cytology, Histolgy, Haematology, Oncology, Immunochemistry, Serology and Microbiology.

Cytology Rotors fit the Centurion Scientific LC Small Prime Centrifuge , Centurion Scientific LLR Medium Prime Centrifugeand the Centurion Scientific HLR Large Prime Centrifuge Refrigerated

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Cytology Accessories

4446, 4444, 4600, 4462


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