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Centurion Scientific


Centurion Scientific manufacture a wide range of reducers, designed to fit their range of centrifuges and rotors.

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Centurion Scientific Reducers

REDUCER RS04 (0.2 -0.4ml) RS05 (0.5ml)
Tube size max 6 x 30mm 8 x 30mm

» Rotor BRK5424
» Pack of 24

REDUCER RM05 (5ml) RM10 (10ml)
Tube size max 13 x 80mm 13 x 100mm

» Rotor BRK5407, BRK5408,  BRK5324 , BRK5224, BRK5412 , BRK5212
» Pack of 4

REDUCER RM15 (15ml) RM25 (25ml)
Tube size max 17 x 120mm 25 x 100mm

» Rotor BRK5308, BRK5208, BRK5406, BRK5206
» Pack of 4

REDUCER RX10 (10ml) RX25 (25ml) RX50 (50ml) RX85 (85ml)
Tube size max 16 x 100mm 25 x 100mm 35 x 110mm 39 x 110mm

» Rotor BRK5256, BRK5210
» Pack of 4

Click here for more information on the Centurion Scientific pro-Hospital range of centrifuges

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RM05, RM10, RM15, RM25, RX10, RX25, RX50, RX85, RS04, RS05


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