Labline Brushless Digital Centrifuge



The Labline Brushless digital centrifuge has an induction motor with frequency drive. It is easy to use, and displays many safety features.


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The Labline Brushless digital centrifuge:

» Brush less Induction Motor with frequency drive
» Microprocessor controlled and programmable for pre set RPM and pre defined time
» LCD display – 2 line display with back light to display pre set RPM , actual RPM, pre defined » TIME and remaining TIME

» The centrifuge will not run if door is open:
the lid will lock immediately if rotor start spinning
the lid remain locked till rotor become standstill

» If power supply fail then lid unlock immediately

» The rotation will stop when the rotor is imbalance.
» The motor is thermally protected

» Automatic Brake by drive control

» ISO 9001:2008 & 13485:2003

» CE Marked

Labline Brushless Centrifuge


Additional information


As per selected Rotor

Main input

220V 50Hz, 110V 60Hz

Max Speed

As per selected Rotor


355mm x 410mm x 280mm


14kg Nett

Speed Regulator

Programable preset RPM with +_ 3% accuracy

RPM Indicator

LCD type preset & actual RPM

Timer Indicator

LCD Type preset & remaining time up to 60 minutes