ZVC316SL Vaccine Carrier 18L

ZERO Appliances

The ZVC316SL Vaccine Carrier unit resolves the need for proper vaccination storage during transportation. Made with Polyethylene it is lightweight, makes use of ice packs (no gas emissions) and has a cold life performance of 145 hours at 43°C (without opening).



The ZVC316SL Vaccine Carrier (Zero Appliances) will provide you with a proper long range vaccine storage solution. Correct handling during transportation plays a critical role in preventing vaccine-preventable diseases.

» It is made with high density polyethylene making it lightweight and easy to handle.
» The thermoplastic makes it durable, giving it a sturdy structure to provide safety for your vaccines during transportation.
» The ZVC316SL has no gas emissions (use of ice packs) and has a cold life performance of 145 hours at  43°C (without opening).


Additional information

Cold Chain Compliant


Vaccine Storage Capacity (L)



E5/IP.1 Ice Pack (0.6L)

Insulation Thickness (mm)


Cold life (without opening)

145 hours at 43°C

External Dimensions

(L) 770mm x (W) 620mm x (H) 520mm

Internal Dimensions

(L) 520mm x (W) 370mm x (H) 280mm




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