VSRF60 Vaccine Fridge Storage Unit

ZERO Appliances

The VSRF60 Vaccine Fridge storage unit is made for low temperature applications and has a hold over time of up to 36 hours.






Proper vaccine storage and handling play a critical role in the efforts to prevent vaccine-preventable diseases.

»  The VSRF60 Vaccine Fridge storage unit by Zero Appliances resolves the need for adequate vaccination handling and cooling.
»  Made with Polyethylene the unit is lightweight and durable.
»  The thermoplastic offers a sturdy structure, ensuring the safety of your vaccines during storage.
»  The VSRF60 Vaccine Fridge storage unit has no gas emissions as it makes use of dry ice [CO2].



Additional information

Vaccine Storage Capacity (L)

24L (with Ice Packs)

Manufacturer Gross Volume (L)

85L (without Ice Packs)


Dry Ice (CO²) 4 Packs

Body Material


Weight (kg)


Holdover Time (6kg Load)

36Hrs: (-35°C to 0°C)
25Hrs: (-35°C to -15°C)
22Hrs (-35°C to -20°C)
5Hrs (-25°C to -15°C)
[Important: Holdover might increase or decrease if ambient varies from +25°C]

Boxed Dimensions (mm)

(H) 895 x (W) 1030 X (D) 775

Unboxed Dimensions (mm)

(H) 840 x (W) 970 X (D) 700


Specifications – VSRF60


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