Lyophilized Platelets (4mL)

BioData Corporation


Lyophilized Platelets are used for the quantification of von Willebrand factor in plasma.



Lyophilized Platelets are a standardized and fixed platelet suspension derived from human blood. The platelets are lyophilized to ensure stability during long term storage. Tris Buffered Saline Diluent is supplied with the platelets. Upon reconstitution, the platelet suspension will have a count of approximately 200,000/µL (using hemocytometry).

» Lyophilized for long term storage and stability
» Standardized fixed platelet suspension
» Diluent included – Tris Buffered Saline
» Approximate platelet count of 200,000/µL
» Quantify von Willebrand Factor Activity in plasma

» Net Contents: 3 each 4.0mL

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