BioMedica Diagnostics


GynoPrep® – the original product, produced by THARMAC.
Liquid thin layer preparation used for gynecological cytology using FDA approved Rovers® Cervex-Brush® Combi.


» High quality in fixation
» Better sampling of cells due to Rovers® Cervex-Brush® Combi or PapCone®, especially for IUP patients
» Better morphology of single cells, equal cell dispersion
» Representative section of all cells, cell clusters and inflammation cells
» Inflammation indicators like e.g. granulocytes, lymphocytes or histiocytes are still in the specimens, because they are often important for the diagnosis. All information are preserved.
» Specific flora often indicate the presence of rather reactive or rather dysplastic lesion and thus serve as an important indication for differntial diagnostis as well as for therapy.
» Faster examination due to defined cell sedimantation in 22×15 mm rectangle
» No cells are lost due to filtration, aspiration or other seperation techniques
» No 3D effect during screening; typical collocations of CK cell clusters are preserved
» Remaining liquid for subsequent examination like e.g. HPV screening
» All HPV tests possible (High risk HPV DNA tests possible)
» GynoPrep is also suitable for extragynecological cell examination