ECF220MK2 Vaccine Fridge & Freezer


The EFC220MK2 Vaccine Fridge and Freezer solves the need for proper vaccination safety & storage procedures. This 95 liter chest refrigerator/freezer has a temperature low of -40°C.



The Medco EFC220MK2 Vaccine Fridge and Freezer will help maintain your cold chain, which is utterly important to ensure effectiveness and potency of your vaccines.

» It solves the need for proper handling and storage of your vaccinations.
» When storing vaccines, it is best to keep to the recommenced temperature range at all times.
» The refrigerator/freezer has a total capacity of 95L.
» The ECF220MK2 Vaccine Fridge and Freezer is an excellent resolution, to ensure the general safety of your vaccines during storage.


Additional information

Total Capacity (L)


Weight (kg)


Max Freezer Mode Temperature



2 Baskets Included

Boxed Dimensions

(H) 905mm x (W) 905mm X (D) 805mm

Unboxed Dimensions

(H) 875mm x (W) 845mm X (D) 725mm


ECF220MK2 – Brochure

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