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DVVconfirm® is the high phospholipid reagent, used in conjunction with DVVtest® (REFs 810 & 825) to approve the presence of LA in plasma. DVVconfirm® is formulated with Russell’s Viper Venom and a high concentration of phospholipids.




The clotting time of a plasma containing LA should be significantly shorter with DVVconfirm® as compared with DVVtest®. The presence of LA in plasma samples is confirmed when the ratio of the DVVtest®clotting time to the DVVconfirm® clotting time is greater than the range of the laboratory’s normal reference DVVtest/DVVconfirm® ratio.

» Fast – DVVtest® & DVVconfirm® generates results in seconds
» Flexible – tests may be performed by manual, semi-automated or fully automated procedures

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100 tests, 200 tests


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