Digital Pro Clinical E-C4.5-8.15CP Centrifuge

Eins-Sci amalgamates engineering with industrial design offering the ultimate ergonomic centrifuges for various fields such as student, veterinary, chemistry, biology, medical or general research and development.



Digital Pro Clinical E-C4.5-8.15CP Centrifuge

• LCD Display
• Brushless DC motor
• Speed and RCF switch
• Electric door interlock
• Automatic internal diagnostics
• Continuous or timed operation up to 99 min
• Includes plastic rotor E-CFR-8.15C and adapters

Brochure: Centrifuges E-C4-8.15CD, E-C4.5-8.15CP, E-C4.5-8.15CSP V23

It is essential to consider your applications specific requirements in order to determine the appropriate centrifuge with the correct technical specifications. You should consider the appropriate speed (rpm), g-force or relative centrifugal force (RCF) and your quantity and volume of the tubes that require spinning. Since separations are an integral part of laboratory work, Eins-Sci strives to provide the ultimate centrifuges for your particular processing needs. Different rotors, either fixed or swing-out, allow for spinning of different labware including microtubes / Eppendorf tubes, centrifuges tubes, PCR strips, vacutainers / EDTA tubes, glass HCT capillary tubes or microplates.