Cellstain® 6

Tharmac Cellspin


The Cellstain® 6 product is a fully automtic stainer, which is used for haematology and bacteriology staining. Cellstain® 6 has 6 stations and is therefore easy to use and to maintain.

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» Programming unit, with Touchscreen for easy programing
» Pre programmed with 6 staining programs
» The consumption of stains and reagents is very low because of the new slide holder
» The agitation and the drain time is freely selectable
» The linear staining machine can move the slide holder forward and backward to enable the user to program a large number of different staining programs
» Compact size

» Slideholder can take 8, 20 or 30 Slides
» 6 troughs of standard size (500ml), each with a lid
» 1 optional water rinse station
» Slide dryer (also optional) is adjustable from 40°C to 80°C
» 20 routine programs, which can store up to 30 steps each.


Additional information


46cm x 29cm x 35cm


10 kg (without chemicals)


CE Certified


208-240V 50Hz, 100-127V 60Hz

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