Wheelchair Genny 2.0



Genny™ is a medical device which allows people with disability to move safely in spaces previously inaccessible to them.
The device has a Segway® self-balancing base which has been modified and adapted to the needs of the user.
Genny™ is the first Active Power Wheelchair that has been produced in the world.



Genny 2.0 wheelchair by Segway has a self-balancing system. This allows the activation of the muscular residual system without making use of the upper limbs. It allows people with disability to move safely in spaces previously not accessible to them.

The device has been modified and adapted to the needs of the user and ensures immediate rotations on the same axis. No need to operate control levers like accelerators or brakes. Ensuring comfort through precision at its best.

APW (Active Power Wheelchair)

Genny 2.0 wheelchair is the first Active Power Wheelchair produced in the world. This high-tech medical device “transforms” the user itself into a lever of command. Maintaining a constant and very subtle control of the centre of gravity.

This offers some benefits:

» The ability to control and maintain a good posture of the trunk, in a seated position;
» Encouraging the recovery of the physiological lumbar lordosis; and
» Providing the patient with real exercises of the postural biofeedback.


Rehabilitation Support

The Genny 2.0 wheelchair  is a valuable training tool in the process rehabilitation and the recovery of lost functions. Assisting patients with spinal injuries and compromised postural stability of the trunk. In case of surgery following injuries caused by overloaded articulations, it represents valid support in rehabilitation.

The self-balancing technology imitate the patterns of human physiology. The device can train the static and reactive motor control aiding in the strengthening of trunk muscles. Making use of the isotonic and isometric exercises.

Psychological benefits

Genny 2.0 wheelchair unites users in the banner of freedom and movement. Erasing diversity and solving issues like:

» Looking down constantly to avoid small objects and curves.
» Frustration as both hands need to be used and gets dirty.
» Slippery grounds and little steps and slopes; and
» Not being able to hold a partner’s hand or an umbrella when raining.

The Genny 2.0 wheelchair immediately solves all these issues. Being able to eat an ice-cream or bringing one’s own puppy for a walk becomes a reality. Real mobility means real integration. Sport and leisure will never be the same again.


Additional information

Weight 89.5 kg
Dimensions 63 × 69 × 67 cm
Technical Characteristics

• Adjustable seat and head rest.
• Maximum speed limit to 6km/h and 12km/h
• Load Capacity – 95kg
• Weight – 89.5kg
• 2 Saphion lithium-ion batteries
• 1 Lead-gel battery
• Battery recharge time 6.5 hours
• Range up to 15-25km depending on terrain
• Front and rear LED lights
• 14" light aluminium alloy wheels


Genny 2.0 User guide