vW Select® (50)

BioData Corporation

vW Select® is a Ristocetin CoFactor Assay system which is comprised of optimized reagents, control plasmas, and specific technical information for use in the detection and evaluation of von Willebrand Disease (vWD), including Type 2B and the Quebec Platelet Disorder.



Ristocetin CoFactor is the in vitro activity of von Willebrand Factor which is measured by the agglutination of platelets in the presence of Ristocetin. Decreased von Willebrand Factor is associated with the von Willebrand Syndrome, thus making quantification of the Ristocetin CoFactor activity most valuable in the diagnosis and evaluation of this coagulopathy. Levels of this Ristocetin CoFactor activity are determined by the ability of the test plasma and Ristocetin to induce the agglutination of a standardized platelet suspension.

» Quantify Ristocetin CoFactor Activity
» Achieve More Linear Standard Curves
» Monitor Patient Response to Therapy
» Improve Test Performance & Repeatability
» Reduce Assay & Laboratory Variables
» Meet CLIA & Other Regulatory Requirements
» Save Time & Money

vW Select® delivers superior repeatability in preparing standard reference curves as well as patient testing.

» 50 Determination kit

Additional information

Lyophilized Platelets

2 x 10.0mL


2 x 15.0mg

vW Normal Reference Plasma

5 x 0.5mL

vW Abnormal Control Plasma

5 x 0.5mL

vW Normal Control Plasma

5 x 0.5mL

Tris Buffered Saline

3 x 10.0mL




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