UPTT™ Reagent (3mL)

BioData Corporation


UPTT is a standardized preparation of lyophilized rabbit brain cephalin. The standardized rabbit brain phospholipids concentration is ≤ 0.1%. The UPTT reagent supplies the phospholipids required to measure intrinsic coagulation pathway activation.



» UPTT is for use in performing a NON-ACTIVATED Partial Thromboplastin Time Test (PTT). In hemocompatibility studies, the PTT measures contact activation of the intrinsic coagulation system. » The NON-ACTIVATED PTT is a widely used test for measuring the contact activation of plasma coagulation factors.

» UPTT meets the requirement for hemocompatibility assessment specified in regulatory standards including ASTM F2382-01,04,12, FDA Blue Book Memo E95-1 and ISO 10993-4.

» Net Contents: 20 x 3mL



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