ULT Freezer MD-86L108

The ULT Freezer MD-86L108 has a multi-level Safe and Reliable Samples Storage with fast cool down time.



ULT Freezer MD-86L108

Brochure: MD-86L108 Brochure

Ingenious Handle Design

Ingenious handle design helps you easy to open and close door easier. Lockable handle safe-guards your precious samples. Padlock can also be added for extra sample safety.

Safe and Reliable Samples Storage

High temperature uniformity; Imported world-famous components.

Multi-level Alarms
high, low temperature, sensor error, power failure, high ambient alarm, door open alarm.

Fast Cabinet Pull Down
Faster cool down time compare with average .

Smart Design, Super sample storage
9,000 vials (2ml) storage, biggest in indursty.

USB Interface

Enables users to download historical temperature data for compliance/auditing purposes.