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Thrombinex is for use in thrombin time testing for the evaluation of disseminated intravascular coagulation (DIC), quantitative and qualitative fibrinogen abnormalities, heparin therapy, and streptokinase or urokinase therapy.



Thrombinex is bovine thrombin and stabilizing buffer. One vial of Thrombinex provides 12-20 units of thrombin activity and is reconstituted to a working concentration of 6-10 units/mL. When Thrombinex is reconstituted and used according to directions, normal plasma will clot in approximately fifteen (15) to twenty-two (22) seconds.

» Bovine Thrombin with stabilizing buffer
» Provides 12-20 units of thrombin activity
» Working concentration of 6-10 units/mL
» Perform Thrombin Time (TT)
» Lyophilized for long term storage and stability

» Net Contents: 20 x 2.0mL

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