Teco Coatron X

Semi Automated Coagulation Series


Complete range of Coagulation Analysis with the highest standard and reliability. The new generation of Coagulation instruments with optical detection.

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The Coatron X instrument line is a consequent continuation in the development of the Coatron product line. With 25 years of experience and continuous innovation, the Coatron X instrumentation line came into existence.

Exact, precise and reproducible results are calculated, thanks to the unique detection principle in combination with the high-level analytical algorithm.

The Coatron X offers reliability with it’s easy operation and self instructing user dialogue

  • Highest optical resolution, enlarged optic range, smallest sample and reagent volume
    0,1 mOD – 3500 mOD, just with 75μL sample and reagent volume
  • Complete optical analysis
    No further parts required, like balls, stirrers etc.
  • Adaptation of the light level
    Automatic light level adjustment of the optic channels to each sample
  • Exclusion of disturbance
    Stray light reduction, exact temperature control, all parameter are preset
One instrument, designed to offer you many possibilities. 
» The Coatron X family is prepared to work with one, two or four channels.
» The built-up and functionality is specifically designed to each instrument version and requirements.
» The operation with the intuitive user dialogue and handling of the detection results are easy and effective.
» The possibility to connect the instrument to the TECO Cloud offers new perspective of instrument, reagent and consumables verification and handling.
» The precise and correct patient result is what we aim for
» Quality is our basic demand
» High reliability, nearly maintenance free instruments are our benefit.
Our reference is 25 years, in worldwide laboratories, with satisfied users.


Coatron X Eco Pro Top
Dimensions 230 x 148 x 94 mm (l, b, h)
Display Colored Touch Display 4,3“
Pre-warm temperature 37°C
Pre-warm cuvettes (pcs.) 10 20 20
Pre-warm reagent 24mm (pcs.) 1 1 1
Pre-warm reagent 22mm (pcs.) 2 2 2
Pre-warm reagent 11mm (pcs.) 2 2 2
Reagent mixing position 1 1
Power values 110-240Vac, 50-60Hz / 5Vdc, 3,3A
RS232 (2x) Printer, Barcode reader
USB (2x) Network, Firmware update
Bluetooth TECO Cloud, App
Optic / tests
Optic channels 1 2 4
Wavelength (nm) 620 (red) 405 (UV) 405 (UV)
Global Coag. tests PT, APTT, TT, FIB
Specific Coag. tests individual factors
Chromogenic Coag. tests AT, PC
Latex based tests D-Dimer
Whole blood tests PT-B


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Coatron X Semi Automated coagulation series