Sterifeed 1ml Colostrum Collector



Collection of every hand expressed precious drop of colostrum can be difficult, but now Sterifeed has developed the 1ml colostrom collector , tried and tested to ensure every precious drop of colostrum is collected.



The 1ml colostrum collector has clear markings to allow the user to see the volume colostrum collected. The stopper will ensure that the colostrum is safely stored. Internally the plunger, when depressed, drives to the end of the barrel allowing the removal of all liquid contained in the syringe to ensure all of the precious Colostrum can be extracted.
The Colostrum Collector is suitable for labelling and freezing, therefore the ideal solution for mothers who express at both antenatal and early postnatal stages.

Some Product Specifications include:
» Sterile and ready to use
» Push on end stopper included
» Maximum volume 1ml (graduated)
» Manufactured from Polypropylene (BPA Free)
» Box quantity: 100 units

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