Sterifeed 1ml Colostrum Collection and Storage Container



Collection of every hand expressed drop of colostrum can be difficult, but now Sterifeed has developed the colostrum collection container. It is wide enough to allow each droplet to be caught whilst expressing by hand.



The colostrum collection container is wide enough to ensure each droplet of colostrum is caught whilst expressing by hand. The narrow body, enables mothers to see the volume of milk expressed , and therefore offering motivation to mothers to persist. The curved base enables simple and effective removal of colostrum with a syringe for feeding.
The Colostrum Collection container is suitable for labelling and freezing, therefore the ideal solution for mothers who express at both antenatal and early postnatal stages.

Some Product Specifications include:
» Sterile and ready to use
» Maximum volume 20ml (graduated)
» Manufactured from Polypropylene (BPA Free)
» Box quantity: 50 packs of 2

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