Solid state freezer for Microtomes

Bright Instruments


The Bright Solid State Freezer permit a specimen to cool below room temperature (-25ºC or lower, depending on conditions).
The equipment consists of a cooling stage and a control unit. The cooling stage is best suited for operation with a base sledge microtome, but can be fitted to most rotary microtomes.

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» Turns a microtome into a freezing microtome
» Easy to use
» After sectioning, specimen is quick and easy to remove
» Easy to defrost
» Temperature control to -25ºC
» Built in safety device to detect low water flow
» Choice of two sizes for cooling stage: 30mm x 30mm OR 40mm x 40mm

» Standard accessories include: Cryo-M-Bed, Cryospray 134, Spare set of fuses, operating manual

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Available Options

53023-01, 53023-02, 53024-01, 53024-02


53023-01 Solid State freezer, 30 x 30mm , 220/240V, 50/60Hz
53023-02 Solid State freezer, 30 x 30mm , 110/115V, 50/60Hz
53024-01 Solid State freezer, 40 x 40mm , 220/240V, 50/60Hz
53023-02 Solid State freezer, 40 x 40mm , 110/115V, 50/60Hz

Cooling Power

21 Watts

Lowest Temperature


Cooling rate from switch on

reaches –20ºC after approx 55 seconds

Control unit dimensions

260 x 145 x 230mm

Stage dimensions (30 x 30mm)

54 x 54 x 24mm

Stage dimensions (40 x 40mm)

63 x 63 x 24mm

Nett weight


Gross weight


Packing dimensions

580mm x 680mm x 400mm