Sterifeed S90 Pasteuriser


The Sterifeed S90 Pasteuriser is the global market leader in breastmilk pastuerisation. It can pastuerise up to 9L of human breastmilk.

The S90 complies with the NHS Institute for Health and clinical excellence guidelines as well as World milk banking standards.


» Pasteurise up to 9 liters of Human Breast Milk
» Fully automatic operation
» Programme selection for specified temperature and times
» Rapid precise cooling to 4°C
» Program Logic Control (PLC) to facilitate future changes to time and temperature
» Visual fault finder
» Audible and Visual alarm for detection of variations
» Data logger – measure milk temperature during pasteurization cycle
» Probe driven to ensure greater accuracy of treatment time and temperature
» Bottle agitation to ensure milk homogeneity
» Bottle defrost and warmer cycle
» Can fit various size bottles
» No residue water traps, eliminating equipment sterilization cycle

New Improvements on the S90 include:
» Greater accuracy of pasteurisation times and temperatures
» Reduced cycle time
» Process verification

Additional information


600W x 700D x 920H

Chamber / mm

400L x 400W x 250H – 40 Litres


230v/1Ph/50Hz – 2800 watts

Full load current


Electical consumption


Internal Control Voltage



36 x 130ml =9.36 litres, 36 x 250ml, 96 x 50ml, 72 x 130ml with foil seals

Water consumption

85 litres

Noise level

45 dBA @ 1m

Heat output during cooling



Stainless Steel


The pasteurisers are guaranteed against faulty materials and workmanship for a period of one year.


S90 Pasteuriser

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