PDQ® Platelet function centrifuge

BioData Corporation


The PDQ, Platelet function centrifuge, is devoted to the standardization of platelet sample preparation by reducing the process time to five minutes. The platelet rich plasma is available in just 30 seconds, Platelet Poor Plasma in 120 seconds and Platelet Free Plasma in 180 seconds.



» The PDQ platelet function centrifuge is optimized for consistent sample quality.
» The three process cycles offer a greater control and sample precision without any measurable platelet activation.
» The PDQ platelet function centrifuge has been validated for platelet function testing.
» The PDQ platelet function centrifuge accepts evacuated specimen collection and aliquot tubes.
» It may be used as a companion to any light transmission aggregometer engaged in platelet function testing.
» The four position, personal size centrifuge, is only seven inches in diameter.
» It is quiet and vibration free.
» The primary purpose of the PDQ is to centralize the sample preparation process adjacent to the platelet aggregometer for specimen control standardization and greater time efficiency.

Extended Warranty plans available on the PAP-8E (1 & 2 year) and PDQ (1 year)

» CE Certified

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