Miris HMA™ Human Milk Analyzer



Miris Human Milk Analyzer(HMA™) measure the macro nutrient composition in breast milk. It accurately determines the amount of energy, fat, carbohydrate, and protein content in human milk.
Based on the results, target fortification is used to tailor breast milk according to the individual preterm infant’s nutritional needs.

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The Miris Human milk analyzer (HMA™ ) quantitatively measures the concentration of fat, carbohydrate, protein, total solids, and energy of human milk. The device is a compact, robust instrument. It is easy to handle with a broad application area. The analytical technique used in Miris HMA is a combination of established mid-infrared (mid-IR) transmission spectroscopy principles and a patented innovation.

» 3ml sample of human breast milk is sufficient to analyse fat, protein, carbohydrate, energy and dry matter.
»Results in 60 seconds on the display and can be transferred to a computer or USB device
»The Miris HMA offer you fast and reliable analysis to your own laboratory

Used in combination with the Miris Ultrasonic Processor™ and Miris Heater

Click here to watch a video on the Miris Human milk analyzer (HMA™ ) .
This video will show you how to analyze with Miris.

Miris is operating on all continents and HMA is registered as a Medical Device in Europe, Japan and Indonesia.




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