MediSafe Solo Safety Lancets

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Single use medisafe solo safety lancets are used by healthcare professionals to obtain capillary blood samples for diagnostic blood tests.
Safety lancets eliminate needle-stick injuries and infections.

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» Medisafe Solo safety lancets are easy to use with a 2 step operation
» Silicone-coated, ultra sharp needles
» Gamma-sterilized and protected with sterility tab
» Enclosed housing to prevent sharps injuries
» The double spring mechanism eliminate needle vibrations and thus reducing pain
» Sufficient to lance only. The precise needle exposure length and reliable activation system, results in no misfires and adequate blood flow
» Medisafe Solo safety lancets are truly safe as they are truly disposable, self-destructive, sterilized and has a reliable sterility protector.

» Various color coded product versions to meet specific blood sample applications and address the variety of patient skin types

» 29G : 1.5 penetration depth
» 23G : 2.0 penetration depth

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23G, 29G


Perfect for most common tests to be performed with capillary blood including blood glucose, cholesterol, hemoglobin, blood group classification, coagulation tests, virology tests and many others.


29G are used for small sample of blood for the purpose of blood glucose monitoring. The needle tip is perfect for children as well as adults with normal and delicate skin. Also recommended for modern glucometers.



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