MB400LF Freezer (up to -25⁰C)

Minus 40


The MB400LF freezer is specifically designed for human breast milk storage and is compliant with the pending South African regulations for human milk banks. The freezer is set to operate below -20˚C for the eradication of Cytomegalovirus (CMV).



» Designed to for human breast milk storage
» Also to be applied in hospitals, laboratories and pharmacies
» Digital controller to maintain freezer set temperatures between 0˚C and -40˚C
» Audible alarm for temperatures above 0˚C.

» Inner casing produced with stainless steel for superior hygiene
» Insulation with polyurethane 34kg/m² density with a minimum of 45mm thickness
» Unit is fitted with a condensing unit to force cold air to the rear of the cabinet
» This air flow ensures even temperature distribution
» Orifice positioned towards the back of the unit for independent temperature control to comply with South African Pharmacy Legislation
» Defrosting of inner coil takes place automatically.
» 5 Adjustable stainless steel shelves

» Compliant to the latest environmental ‘green’ standards for gases and electrical consumption
» CFC free

» Door is self closing for product security
» Door is low E heat reflective glass in custom made aluminium frame
» Light is switched on at all times to illuminate cabinet contents

» Technical support across South Africa
» Minus 40 Service warranty
» Extended maintenance contracts available

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540L, 260 x 120ml bottles

Temperature Range

0°C to – 25°C

Suitable for maximum ambient temperature



AC 220V/50Hz



External Dimensions

2020mm x 690mm x 635mm

Internal Dimensions

1380mm x 600mm x 485mm




M40 Medicinal Freezer MB400LF

M40 Medicinal Freezer Comparison

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