LTA Check™ ✓Kit Companion Software

BioData Corporation


The Companion Software to the LTA Check™✓ Performance Monitoring Test Kit.



» The LTA Check Performance Monitoring Software accepts data from the aggregometer and generates printable Levey-Jennings charts for review and evaluation of the system performance based on Westgard rules for low volume tests.

» Save time and minimize transcription errors by using this software to calculate and plot results from the LTA Check Performance Monitoring Test Kit.

» The LTA Check Performance Monitoring Software is for PC use only.

» Utilizes Westgard Rules for Low Volume Tests
» Accepts Data Generated by Optical Aggregometers
» Calculates and Plots Test Kit Results
» Prepares Printable Levey-Jennings Charts
» Documents Results Review & Corrective Actions
» Allows Up to Ten Instruments/Sites per Software Copy
» Transfers PAP-8E Data Automatically
» Saves Time & Minimizes Transcription Errors

» Net Contents: Performance Monitoring Software CD and Operations Manual


LTA Check Software Product

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