LTA Check™ ✓Performance Monitoring Test Kit

BioData Corporation


A New Way to Monitor Light Transmission Aggregometers (LTA).

LTA Check™ ✓is a Performance Monitoring Test Kit used to verify the operation of Light Transmission Aggregometers (LTA) and provide instrument system quality control in the laboratory. The aggregometer system can be verified on a “channel to channel” and a “test to test” basis.



Quality control is an important aspect of laboratory testing. It can result in serious consequences. Measurement of your aggregometer’s performance by using the LTA Check Performance Monitoring test kit, will prevent serious consequences such as loss of productivity, waste of resources and inaccurate test results.

The LTA Check is based on the ability of a plasma and reagent to induce agglutination which produces both a slope and percent aggregation result. Evaluation of these test results on a periodic basis will allow the laboratory to generate information on the functionality of the instrument test system. Ranges and limits for quality control and system performance may be recorded manually or by using the LTA Check Kit Companion Software.

» Verify Aggregometer Function
» Standardize Instrumentation
» Ensure Precision and Reliability of Test Results
» Document Reagent System
» Comply with CLIA Laboratory Regulations
» Identify & Reduce QC Variables
» Assure Consistent Results Across Multiple Sites

Application : Clinical laboratories, Pharmaceutical laboratories, Contract Research Organizations, Clinical Trials, Research laboratories, Veterinary laboratories, hemophilia Centers, Regional Blood Centers, Reference Laboratories

Contents: 18 half-volume or 9 full-volume determinations


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