Enraf-Nonius Compact II

Enraf-Nonius’ revolutionary and new Tecarpuls offers an effective, safe and easily administered therapy for various disorders of the locomotor system and for the restoration of soft tissue.



Compact-II High Energy Inductive Therapy – A Game Changer in Physical Therapy Treatments


The human body is a highly conductive medium that also responds to electromagnetic energy. High Energy Inductive Therapy involves the therapeutic use of a powerful magnetic field for the purpose of pain relief and to improve muscle tone and stimulate blood circulation. High Energy Inductive Therapy may help relieve pain in the neck, shoulders and back, and activates the regeneration process at the cellular level. In addition, it can be used to Stimulate muscles – among other things, to strengthen pelvic floor muscles in patients who suffer from incontinence.

At the cellular level, both the ions within a cell and the membrane of the cell itself conduct currents. The charge carried by the membranes of normal and healthy cells is greater than that carried by the membranes of sick or ageing cells. If the charge carried by the cell’s membrane is too low, the cell will lack the energy required to function normally. High Energy Inductive Therapy can be used to restore the energy balance.

Electromagnetic Fields such as the ones used in High Energy Inductive Therapy are able to penetrate tissue, organs and bones in a safe manner, without deformation or loss. They stimulate the electrochemical performance of tissue and improve the function of cells and cell membranes, both superficially and on a deeper level.


Therapy is easily administered with the COMPACT-II. Therapists can administer either static or dynamic therapy.

When static therapy is administered, the treatment applicator is fixed in place by means of an adjustable arm. This will allow for intensive stimulation of the body part placed under the applicator. This hands-free application is particularly effective in trigger point therapy and in muscle stimulation via the motor point.

When dynamic therapy is administered, a larger part of the body is treated by manually moving the applicator across the part of the body that requires treatment. Both techniques can be combined in one single session (possibly combined with muscle stimulation and trigger point therapy, as well) to realize tissue enhancement.

Brochure: Enraf-Nonius COMPACT II