Digital Pro E-OHS20-P Overhead Stirrer

The Eins-Sci E-OHS20-P overhead stirrers are suitable for use with low, medium and high viscosity liquids including solid-liquids.



Digital Pro E-OHS20-P Overhead Stirrer

  • 20 Litre Stirring Capacity
  • Includes E-OHS-US and E-CS5/40-SS
  • Advanced LCD display for accurate setting of speed and display of torque
  • Microprocessor controlled slow start up with gradual acceleration prevents splashing and spillage of liquids
  • Push-through stirring shaft design allows for easy
  • Reliable and ergonomic design
  • Continuous operation
  • Brushless DC motor
  • Explosion proofed
  • Keyless chuck design for easy shaft adjustment and removal
  • 10 mm chuck allow for a large range of shafts to be used
  • RS232 PC Interface for variable control
  • Overload protection

Brochure: Overhead Stirrers E-OHS All Models V23

The Eins-Sci E-OHS20-P unit are suitable for use with low, medium and high viscosity liquids including solid-liquids. Eins-Sci stirrers can be used in a wide variety of stirring and mixing applications such as chemical synthesis, pharmaceutical, physical and chemical analysis, cosmetics, food, healthcare, petrochemical, biotechnology, material science, cement, adhesives, polymers and more. 

Universal laboratory overhead stirrer uses microprocessor controlled technology to accurately control rotational speed between 50 and 2200 rpm. Precise speed control even under viscosity variations, torque monitoring indicates the changes in viscosity.

Available in two sizes for stirring of up to 20 liters or 40 liters. Free software is downloadable to allow PC integration via a RS232 port for documenting and controlling all operating parameters.

Safety Circuits designed to ensure no damage to the stirrer motor under overloading conditions. Slow start up to prevent sample spillage or overflow.