CryoIQ PRO / Derm Device



CryoIQ PRO / Derm Device comes with two tips which can be used for spray- and contact freezing.



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CryoIQ PRO / Derm device

The most versatile model for freeze- treatment of warts and common skin lesions.

Its unique construction with a built-in non-return valve prevents gas leakage. This means giving users maximum use of the gas content.
It comes with one standard and one dermatology tip for spray freezing as well as 1 contact tip for contact freezing .
With our new PRO model, you now have the possibility to change the tip for different areas of application, such as dermatology, dentistry, podiatry, gynecology/urology and veterinary.
The device uses a state-of-the-art cooling technology which does not require the handling of potentially dangerous gases and liquids, meaning that the gas cartridge is safely replaced when empty.

» PRO Contact freezes at -80°C /-112°C for the most effective treatment.
» PRO Liquid freezes at -89°C/-128°C for the most effective treatment.

What’s in the box?
»  1 x Standard tip 60 μm, L=10 mm, spray freezing Ø1-6 mm
» 1 x Dermatology tip D2, L=22 mm, spray freezing Ø7-18 mm
» 1 x Contact tip for contact freezing Ø5 mm
» 1 x PRO body with lever
» 1 x Freeze limiter
» 1 x Gas cartridge N2O 25 gram
» 1 x Case for storage
» 1 x User guide A6 size

Additional information


25 grams

Freezing Temperature

Liquid freezing, -89 °C / -128 °F, Contact freezing, -80 °C / -112 °F


Gold Plated Metal


1 year

CE Marked

According to medical device IIA


CryoIQ Product Range

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