Collagen SRP™ (Synthetic Liquid Reactive Peptide)

BioData Corporation


Collagen SRPTM is a sythetic type 1 collagen-like liquid polypeptide fragment (PHG) that self-assembles into a triple helix to form fibrils. Synthetic Collagen may be useful in laboratories investigating platelet function and reactivity, platelet activation, and cellular analysis. Collagen SRP does not contain any human, animal or bacterial source material.



Collagen SPR reacts with glycoprotein VI (GP VI), a 62-kDa type-I transmembrane glycoprotein that is expressed on mature megakaryocytes and platelets. GP VI has been reported to play a critical role in platelet activation and aggregation.

» Assess Aspirin Reactivity
» Detect Multiple Antiplatelet Agents
» Investigate Metabolized & Spiked Samples
» Eliminate Infectious Disease Risk
» Obtain Predictable & Reproducible Results

Nett contents:
» Collagen SRP 0.0002 mg/mL, 1 x 1 mL
» Collagen SRP 0.00005 mg/mL, 1 x 1 mL
» SRP Diluent 2 x 5 mL
» Dilution Vials (empty), 4 x 5 mL



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