CLINI-RF Rapid Freezer

Bright Instruments


The Bright CLINI-RF is a small, free standing, top opening and ultra low temperature freezer. It is designed to rapidly freeze tissue specimens ready for cryotomy or storage. The CLINI-RF consists of two cylindrical chambers, the upper chamber (-40ºC) and the lower chamber (-80ºC).

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» Small, free standing, top opening, ultra low temperature freezer
» Easy to use
» Replaces liquid nitrogen and carbon dioxide freezing systems
» Offers a distinct improvement in laboratory safety

» Upper chamber available for storage of specimens at -40ºC
» Holds 3M’s Novec 7100 for immersion of specimens
» 3M’s Novec used due to it being non-inflammable
» Typical tissue cooling rate of 0.5ºC/s

» The compressor for the lower chamber can be manually switched off, and the Clini-RF will run in standby mode to save power
» Optional features : Seven day timing device, variable temperature control for temperatures above -80ºC
» Standard accessories include : Cryo-M-Bed; Cooling block removal tool; Allen Key; spare set of fuses and operating manual

The following options is available to order:
» 3000-001 Clini-RF with removable block for 240V/50Hz
» 3000-002 Clini-RF with removable block for 110V/60Hz
» 3000-003 Clini-RF with fixed block 240V/50Hz
» 3000-004 Clini-RF with fixed block 110V/60Hz
» 3000-005 Clini-RF rapid freezer timer (optional feature)
» XLT (Optional Feature) Extra Low Temperature Rapid Freezer tank to -100ºC

Additional information

Available Options

3000-001, 3000-002, 3000-003, 3000-004, 3000-005, XLT

Compressor Type

1 x 15cc displacement (primary)
1 x 12cc displacement (secondary)


primary – R404a
secondary – R23

Cooling power

300 watts Main freezer at -40°C, Rapid freezer at -70°C

Lowest set temperature

-43°C (preset) main freezer
-83°C rapid freezer

Main freezer to -35ºC

60 minutes

Rapid freezer to -80ºC (Liquid bath or solid freezer block)

50 minutes – main freezer at -40°C

Fixed freezer block (optional) to -80ºC

less than 30 minutes – main freezer at -40°C

Cabinet dimensions

1000mm x 450mm x 500mm

Freezer dimensions

diameter 275 x depth 136mm

Rapid freezer dimensions

diameter 95 x depth 95mm


Unpacked weight: 85Kgs
Packed weight: 113kgs