Centurion Scientific PrO-CW Cell Washing Centrifuge Rotor

Centurion Scientific


The PrO-Hospital CW Cell Washing range of centrifuges are specifically designed for Clinical and Hospital use.
The 2-place rotor accepts both 10 x 75mm and 12 x 75mm tubes.



The PrO-CW Cell Washing Centrifuge rotor is made from high quality polypropylene and is autoclavable.

The rotor in this device can be detached and efficiently function as a holder in which test tubes can be fitted, centrifuges, transported, incubated and emptied with the necessity for individual handling.

The Cell Washing Centrifuge Rotor fit the PrO-Hospital CW Cell Washing Centrifuge. It also comes with accessories.


PrO-CW-Cell Washing

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