Centurion Scientific PrO-CW Cell Washing Centrifuge Adaptors

Centurion Scientific


The PrO-Hospital CW Cell Washing range of centrifuges are specifically designed for Clinical & Hospital use.
The adaptors fit the CW Cell Washing Rotor and Centrifuge.



The PrO-CW Cell Washing Centrifuge Adaptors:
» 2 sets supplied, 12 of each size
» 10 x 75mm and/or 12 x 75mm tubes
» The rotor carries 12 tubes
» It can however operate with any balanced load of fewer tubes and any combination of sizes as long as it is properly balanced
» This will give the user full flexibility

The Cell Washing Centrifuge Adaptors fit the PrO-Hospital CW Cell Washing Rotor  and Centrifuge.


PrO-CW-Cell Washing

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