Cellspin III Cytocentrifuge

Tharmac Cellspin


The cellspin III cytocentrifuge is available as a 4-, 8- and 12-position cytocentrifuge with a speed range from 200 to 2,000 rpm.
SKU: 3000-4-S ; 3000-4-L ; 3000-4-G ; 3000-8-S ; 3000-8-L ; 3000-8-G ; 3000-12-S ; 3000-12-L ; 3000-12-G; 3000-12-EL ; 3000-12-EG Categories: , ,


The Cellspin® universal centrifuges from THARMAC offers exceptional product quality and functionality. The wide speed range, automatic rotor recognition and speed adjustment enables it to be used in cytology as well as laboratories. By doing so, it creates space and saves you cost.

The specialist in cytology
» The only cytocentrifuge that grows with your laboratory’s demands
» Available as 4-, 8- and 12-position cytocentrifuge
» Speed range from 200 to 2,000 rpm
» 100 program slots
» Rotors can be replaced with other capacity anytime
» Open and closed cytorotors for unrestricted or protected work
» Works as a cytocentrifuge and a laboratory centrifuge
» For human and veterinary medicine diagnosis purposes
» Usable in cytology, urology, microbiology, haematology, virology, oncology and many others
» Cellspin® uses the familiar monolayer filter cards
» Handles volumes from 0.1 to 5 ml
» Quickchange® technology allows the rapid rotor change for high sample quantities
» Double Cellfunnel® available to double the capacity for high sample quantities
» Compatible with Shandon™ Cytospin™
» Cellspin® cytocentrifuges are maintenance free according to DGUV 100-500
» CE and IVD certified
» Quality – made by Tharmac, Germany

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3000-4-S, 3000-4-L, 3000-4-G, 3000-8-S, 3000-8-L, 3000-8-G, 3000-12-S, 3000-12-L, 3000-12-G, 3000-12-EL, 3000-12-EG


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