Bright 9400 floorstanding cryostat

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The 9400 cryostat is the largest cryostat in the Bright Instruments range. Bright Instrument Company specialise in the use of cryostat microtomes to prepare frozen sections for microscopy. The 9400 was developed for applications where these cryostats are simply not large or powerful enough.
The most usual application is in whole body autoradiography (WBA) which is used to trace radio-labelled drugs or other compounds in the frozen bodies of test animals.
There are many other uses of the 9400 cryostat including the fields of anatomy training and outside the biological field for use by material scientists to cut objects as diverse as electrical insulation, timber and plastic automobile chassis joints.

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» The Bright 9400 floorstanding cryostat can section specimens up to 400mm long
» Bright 9000 microtome installed for extreme rigidity and cutting power
» Electro-linear motor drive
» Knife retraction (optional)
» Comprehensive control with optional features
» Hermetically sealed dual refrigeration system
» Defrost delay for section drying
» Quick-release specimen holder
» Twin turret knife holder
» Debris collector and vacuum extractor (optional)
» Electro-mechanical interlocked system fitted
» Cabinet constructed from Stelvetite to resist scratches, solvents and acids
» Photo-electronic device for knife guarding (optional)

Electro-linear motor driven microtome:
The 9000 microtome has been specially designed to meet the exacting criteria of whole body sectioning. Constructed of stainless steel and other non-corroding alloys, the extremely powerful motor drive provides a smooth and positive cutting action. Control functions include single or continuous cutting, pause, emergency return, cutting speed and section thickness as well as temperature setting. A range of other options is available.

Bright 9400 floorstanding cryostat standard equipment:
Cryostat cabinet with Bright 9000 microtome, twin turret knife holder with guards, tungsten carbide tipped knife (with box), object stage 400mm x 250mm, stainless steel embedding mould, dual refrigeration system, electronic control console, auto defrost system, raised temperature alarm, knee switch, freezing tongs, dehydr@ation set, dusting brush, low temperature oil and grease, roll of special tape 6m x 50mm, Allen keys, instruction manual.

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Maximum specimen length: 400mm
Maximum specimen width: 250mm
Maximum specimen depth: 100mm
Section thickness range: 1 – 99µm
Cutting speed range: 0 – 80mm/s

Refrigeration - No of compressors


Refrigeration - Minimum temperature

-30°C @ 25°C Ambient

Chamber Dimensions:

1700mm x 620mm x 790mm

Cabinet Dimensions:

2650mm x 800mm x 1060mm


1970mm x 103mm x 1240mm
1030mm x 920mm x 124mm
1180mm x 780mm x 1000mm


Net weight 510 kg
Gross weight 690kg

Total Volume

3.5m3 (3 crate)