Bilichek bilirubinometer



The Bilichek is a noninvasive, transcutaneous bilirubinometer which measures a newborn’s bilirubin levels by means of a light. This will assess the presence of baby jaundice in newborns.

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» The philips bilichek is a noninvasive device and is used to measure serum bilirubin levels by means of a light for determining hyperbilirubinemia (newborn baby jaundice)
» The design is slim, light and ergonomic with an LCD color screen
» The device is easy-to-read and offer step-by-step instructions.
» One of the benefits for using the bilichek include a low risk for infection, trauma and pain when measuring bilirubin levels. The results are readily available within minutes which allows for treatment of baby jaundice to start much sooner. The faster measurement system increase proficiency and productivity.
» The device can store up to 30 records
» Barcode scanning allows for accurate identification of patient and nurse information
» Integral, long-lasting, rechargeable lithium battery
» The Philips bilicheck is one of the first TcB Units on the Market since 2000.  It has been used in South Africa by all private pathology services since 2002.

For more information on the philips bilicheck, you can watch this video or read the brochure

Here is a short video on how to use the philips bilicheck during phototherapy



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