B23C benchtop autoclave



The B23C benchtop autoclave is a steam sterilizer with a class B pre & post vacuum type.  It is the perfect sterilization solution for smaller clinics such as dental, veterinary, beauty, podiatry, microbiology.

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Some characteristics of the B23C benchtop autoclave include:

» Automatic table top autoclave with pre-set programs
» Quiet
» Rapid steam generator ensures quick sterilization cycles
» Rapid post sterilization vacuum drying
» LCD screen displaying time, temperature and pressure, process alert and instrument conditions
» User friendly interface
» Self-initialization when work in different altitude
» Double safety protection – cycle will not start if door is not locked correctly. It also prevents the door from opening, when the pressure inside the chamber is not equal to atmospheric pressure outside the chamber
» Pressure safety valve prevents over pressure in chamber and steam generator
» Power will shut down if a short circuit or electrical fault occurs
» The B23C benchtop autoclave will detect and identify the exact cause of the problem
» The water level main switch in main tank control minimum and maximum water levels
» Automatic warning for maintenance
» The B23C benchtop autoclave is available in the following sizes : 8L,12L,18L,23L. Click here for a comparison table
» All sterilization data is automatically written in a USB stick, to be stored electronically
» The last 20 cycles is stored in the autoclave system
» The B23C benchtop autoclave complies with European standard EN13060

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8L, 12L, 18L, 23L



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