ARDO Tulips Nipple Shields

Swiss Quality


Tulips nipple shields are suitable for short-term use to help with latching on and to protect sore, sensitive nipples during breastfeeding.
Available in two sizes.

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The nipple shields help support pain-free breastfeeding by making it easier for the baby to latch on as well as protecting and relieving the severely stressed nipples. The special tulip shape means that the baby experiences the smell of its mother close up.

» Assists with sucking or latching on problems
» To relieve sore, painful nipples
» Also ideal for unusual shaped nipples
» Easier for premature babies to suck
» Maximum skin contact during breastfeeding thanks to tulip shape
» Delicate and soft silicone feels completely natural
» Designed to ensure your baby will still smell and feel your skin
» Odourless
» Latex free
» Available in M (20mm) and L (24mm) sizes
» Storage box included for increased portability and hygiene

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