AggRecetin® 100mg

BioData Corporation


AggRecetin is for use in the detection of von Willebrand Syndrome, the quantification of von Willebrand factor, and the identification of Bernard-Soulier Syndrome.



AggRecetin is lyophilized Ristocetin A Sulfate, a substance of unknown chemical structure which is isolated from Nocardia lurida. AggRecetin contains in excess of 90% Ristocetin A.

Quick Facts
» Lyophilized Ristocetin A Sulfate
» In excess of 90% Ristocetin A
» Detect von Willebrand Syndrome
» Quantify von Willebrand factor (Ristocetin CoFactor Assay)
» Confirm diagnosis of type IIb vWD
» Identify Bernard-Soulier Syndrome
» Perform Ristocetin Induced Platelet Aggregation (RIPA)

» Net Contents: 100mg (Bulk)

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