ACTICLOT® Protein S, activity assay

BioMedica Diagnostics


A functional clotting assay for the quantitative determination of Protein S activity in human plasma.



Protein S is a Vitamin K dependent protein primarily synthesized in the liver, but also in the endothelium and possibly in megakaryocytes. It functions as a cofactor for activated Protein C in the inactivation of activated Factor V, and there is an association between thrombosis and Protein S deficiencies.

» When conducting the assay, dilutions of patient plasma are mixed with Protein S depleted plasma
» Factor Xa, activated Protein C and phospholipids are added to the mixture, and finally calcium chloride is added to initiate clot formation
» The prolongation of the clotting time is directly proportional to the concentration of Protein S in the patient’s plasma

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