CryoIQ is a leading manufacturer and worldwide distributor of high-quality cryosurgical devices. Our product line is the result of the translation of market and application requirements into unique devices for treatment of skin imperfections. The CryoIQ cryosurgical devices are developed using state-of-the-art technologies to enhance the quality of cryosurgical skin lesion treatment.

At CryoIQ, we strive to deliver affordable, safe and effective care of skin disorders in general medicine, pediatrics, OBGYN/urology, podiatry, veterinary and aesthetic applications.

The CryoIQ cryosurgical device is an effective, safe and easy portable handheld device for accurate treatment and removal of skin lesions or abnormal/diseased tissue. Its unique construction with a built-in non-return valve prevents gas leakage thus giving a maximum use of the gas content.

This cryosurgical device uses Nitrous Oxide cartridges as a cryogen with a freezing temperature of -89 °C/-112°C (liquid freezing) or -80°C/ -128°C (contact freezing) and once punctured the Nitrous Oxide is delivered with a 50 bar (725 psi) pressure to the lesion which allows for fast and effective treatment.

Direct application of the cryogen to the tissue causes freezing and makes the procedure fast, safe and efficient. As the cells in the target tissues start to freeze, they get destroyed however due to the accuracy of this device the destruction of adjacent healthy tissue will be avoided.

» PRO Contact freezes at -80°C /-112°C – closed tip applicators are cooled off by the nitrogen before placing onto the lesion for a hassle-free contact freezing.

» PRO Liquid freezes at -89°C/-128°C provides precision freezing to the treatment site through micro capillaries.


Why should you use CryoIQ?

  • Low treatment cost
  • Simple and safe handling with ergonomic design
  • Effective treatment of all common skin lesions
  • Precise application, high accuracy
  • Broad range of accessories and cartridges
  • Constant freezing temperature of -89°C/-128 °F



Types of Applications:

  • General practice
  • Paediatrics
  • Podiatry
  • Aesthetic medicine
  • Urology
  • Veterinary medicine